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Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked case studies

London Unlocked 2018. Students enjoy a sunny day and a tour of the roof garden.

London Unlocked 2018 Students


“The biggest benefit of the Eversheds Sutherland programme was how much it increased my confidence. At the start of the week I was shy to introduce myself but at the end of the programme I was able to deliver a presentation to the whole group. I also developed friendships with people I still keep in touch with now. I learnt a lot about life as a solicitor and the different pathways to get there, which was extremely interesting and useful.” Olivia, Nottingham 2018

“An honest experience of showing us the life of being a lawyer, and the dedication it takes to become one." Rejmonda, London 2018

“It gave real insight into the legal profession and provided me the opportunity to network with those within and outside the firm, which was really helpful. Eversheds Unlocked delivered everything it promised and more.” Rebecca, Cardiff 2016

“One of the biggest benefits of the programme is that I was shown that the career I wanted was not as far away from me as I had thought. I think that this is not an opportunity people should miss and is beneficial even for those who do not want to go into the legal sector. There was a real focus on communication and motivation which was great and inspiring.” Tenishia, Birmingham 2018

“The programme really helped to shape me as a person and establish a clear path on my way to success.” Blazej, Nottingham 2018


"One of the most important parts of the Unlocked Academy is my Mentor, the information and advice that he has provided me with has helped get me where I am today. Patrick helped me with my University application, helping me gain a place at a brilliant University"
Hannah Foley, Durham University

Leeds Unlocked 2017