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Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked

What does a career in law involve? What’s the difference between a barrister and a solicitor? What would I do day to day? Am I good enough? Should I go to university or do an apprenticeship? Who can I talk to?

Have you asked yourself some or all of these questions? If so, then our Unlocked Programme is right for you.

This innovative programme is aimed at students who have academic potential and an interest in law, but who may believe that a legal career is out of their reach. We're here to prove that it isn't.

It is aimed at state school students in their first year of A-Levels, with mainly GCSE 9 - 6/A* - B grades, little or no family history of higher education and a genuine interest in law - and lots of enthusiasm.

You see, we're passionate about opening up legal careers to the best and brightest young minds - especially students, like you, who may not share the typical background of most legal professionals.

You attend a state school, for example. You may be the very first person in your family destined to go to university. You could come from a disadvantaged community.

Over the course of three days spent at one of our offices, you will engage in a range of different activities to help you think about the actions you need to take to get to where you want to be in your career, both in the short term and the long term.

The programme will:

  • Dispel myths about what it's like to work in a major law firm.
  • Give you the chance to interact with current apprentices, trainees, partners, clients and barristers.
  • Explore the benefits of setting ambitious but achievable goals.
  • Offer advice on different ways of entering a firm.
  • Support you with one-to-one coaching sessions.
  • Help you develop non-academic strengths such as communication skills.

In short, Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked will actively engage you, inform you and inspire you to start your journey into law, whichever route you decide to take.

It's informative. It's interesting. It's useful. And, most importantly, it's fun. So why not get some brilliant experience and explore what a law career looks like from the inside out?

You should:

  • attend a state (non-fee paying) school; and
  • be in Year 12; and
  • be or have been eligible for free school meals (or where this information is difficult or sensitive to obtain, the participant attends a school that is significantly above the regional average in terms of number of students eligible for free school meals); and
  • be of the first generation in their immediate family to attend university.

The programme runs in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham and the next dates are in February/April 2020 depending on location. Applications are now open for this, so please visit our application page for more details on the dates and process to apply.

Don’t just take our word for it though – click here to hear what students that have been on the programme have to say