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Ryan Hart, Apprentice, Real Estate

"The apprenticeship appealed to me because it was an opportunity to work in a professional environment while learning at the same time, so I come out with qualifications and a job. As well as that I get the chance to work in a global law firm.
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Ryan Hart, Apprentice, Real Estate“Unlocked showed me that it was a reasonable chance that I could become a solicitor and that there were many paths that lead to the same point.

 “I'd say the best thing about working at Eversheds is the people. Everybody is really friendly and easy to get along with, even the people at the top of the business who invited us to London so we could meet them.

“As well as that, Eversheds is great at offering new opportunities to everyone. I really like working in a place that supports us in such a way and makes us feel valued as an employee. As well as that it's really great to be a part of a growing global business and feel like I'm contributing to that growth.

“In my free time I spend a lot of time chilling out at home, mostly playing video games or reading. I also still make a lot of time to go out a lot with friends who are either home or at university but if I'm not with them I'm with my four dogs!

“An interesting fact about me is I love to travel. I've been on all sorts of holidays, from a holiday with my friends in Zante to going to Kenya and climbing Mt Kenya. I'm planning at least two holidays a year so I can experience as much of the world as I can.”


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Penelope Daniell, Apprentice, Real Estate

"Everyone was going to university and it was the normal done thing. But I wasn’t set on what I wanted to do so didn’t want to waste my time studying a course I was vaguely interested in.
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Penelope Daniell, Apprentice, Real EstateThe Eversheds apprenticeship appealed to me because I wanted to get stuck in with the real working world, even if that does mean being in the office for 9 o’clock every morning. Gaining valuable experience, which few people have the chance to do, was much more important to me.

“The best thing about working here has to be the people. Starting your first job in an office full of people older and with more experience than you can be quite daunting. However, I was made to feel very welcome and everyone is willing to help.

“Secondly, telling friends and family about your apprenticeship comes with great pride when working for a respected law firm as big as Eversheds. To be working as part of a global law firm really makes this apprenticeship stand out. Also the opportunities available to everyone, Eversheds are open to all new ideas. The apprenticeship is a perfect example, I’m able to study part time with the support of Eversheds.

“I enjoy spending my Saturdays playing hockey, often in the wind and rain of South Wales. And off the pitch I make a fool of myself in the local community pantomime"

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Ella Pearson, Apprentice, Real Estate

"An apprenticeship appealed to me because it gave me the opportunity to gain real world experience while continuing to learn and develop in a career. I feel that to be successful in the competitive legal sector you need stand out from the crowd.
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Ella Pearson, Apprentice, Real Estate“I think starting as an apprentice helps with that - it shows you’re willing to work hard and also gives you an edge as you can gain contacts early on. For me the apprenticeship was a foot in the door to a great firm which is a rare opportunity at a young age.

“Unlocked was a brilliant programme for me. It showed me the diversity in law in terms of the types of work but also the types of people in the profession. This further fuelled my ambition to go into law.

“It was also great to meet other young people who were interested in law and share ambitions which are often put down in groups of peers. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on presentation skills and “radio me” which helped to build our confidence and self-belief.

“I’d say the best things about working at Eversheds are how supportive it is. As a new starter I found that everyone was really helpful and friendly. Everyone had time for me, which is great when you everything is new. But even a few months later people are still ready to support my development and help me improve and progress.

“And I love the culture of innovation it’s also well connected. Despite being a large international firm you don’t feel lost in a crowd. And I love culture of innovation throughout the firm, as a fairly creative person it is great to know everyone’s ideas for improvements are considered. Being creative is a really important part of my life - I’m always drawing or painting.

“Hmm, something that nobody knows about me? OK - I used to work as a magician’s assistant.”

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