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Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked

Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked is a programme aimed at students who are first time family members to go to university, are studying at state schools and have a genuine enthusiasm for the legal profession. The programme has been developed to give young people from ‘disadvantaged' backgrounds the support to successfully apply to university and understand what they need to do to secure a training contract at a law firm like Eversheds Sutherland.

The students come to us through Pathways to Law and from many schools who we have a direct relationship with. If you would like to apply directly for a place on Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked, please click here.

Take a look at our Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked 2016 feedback report.

The Unlocked Academy, launched in 2012, is a follow on stream of our Unlocked programme, which supports talented students to achieve their potential whilst studying at university, through a learning and development programme, including one to one mentoring.

We have designed a programme that would appeal to students and is different to the traditional work experience programme. It actively encourages them to stretch themselves and achieve their full potential and aims to dispel the myths surrounding the legal profession.

Martin Warren Practice Group Head & Head of Labour Relations talks about Unlocking Talent.

We have created a ‘staying in touch' programme to enable us to keep track of the students as they progress through A levels, university and on to securing training contracts.

"I started my journey with Eversheds in 2010 whilst participating in the Eversheds Unlocked programme. The programme allowed me to understand how Eversheds operates and the commitment the firm has to unlocking talent. I was mentored by trainees and senior staff to develop my pathway to securing a Training Contract.

After my LPC finished I secured a paralegal role with Eversheds. I continued to receive support and encouragement from the Eversheds Unlocked team. I have been able to transfer the skills I learned on the programme into my working life. The time and commitment which Eversheds puts in to offer students a varied experience on the Eversheds Unlocked programme has been invaluable to me. All the attributes a Trainee requires to be successful were embedded in me and now that I have now been offered a Training Contract with Eversheds I am confident that I will be able to develop the skills in my professional career and also in a personal capacity too.

My advice to anyone thinking about taking up a career in law is to get involved in Eversheds Unlocked. The possibilities are endless!"

Sannia Aqeel, current Trainee

"Eversheds is one of the biggest supporters of the Pathways to Law project, both through its annual financial contribution and also the provision of 60 places a year for our students on their bespoke ‘Eversheds Unlocked' programme. Delivered to students in Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester, Eversheds Unlocked enables the students to spend three days working and studying in a major law firm and meet all levels of staff from senior partners through to the trainees we hope they will eventually emulate. The programme also gives the students the opportunity to map out their career development plan and, through the guidance available, plot their goals for the next decade: something which many of them have not even considered before."
Phil Moss, Project Manager, Pathways to Law

"I just wanted to let you know that I got into Cardiff University! I got As in Law, English Language, Early Modern History and General studies and a B in Critical Thinking. I would like to thank you all once again for the help given on Eversheds Unlocked."
Birmingham student

Eversheds Sutherland is proud to be a founding member of PRIME. For more information please go to

Sciences Po, France

Eversheds Sutherland has signed a partnership agreement with prestigious French university Sciences Po to promote diversity and equal opportunity.

This agreement has two primary objectives, both to raise awareness of the legal profession amongst students at Sciences Po and also to ensure social and geographical diversity as regards recruitment within Eversheds Sutherland. It takes the form of a series of actions and events and includes Eversheds Sutherland's participation in Sciences Po's ‘equal opportunities' student recruitment programme, presentations of Eversheds Sutherland's activities to Sciences Po students and also Eversheds Sutherland offering trainee contracts and internships in its offices. For example, Eversheds Sutherland partners will be able to participate in the admissions panel with regard to the university's equal opportunities recruitment programme.

"Our law firm believes that diversity and equal opportunity are key to our international success. Recruiting and retaining the best people is essential for our firm's development and we're delighted to partner with one of France's most prestigious «grandes écoles» (universities) which is allowing us to reinforce our efforts regarding diversity in the legal world. "
Boris Martor, partner in charge of diversity for our Paris office

Ningxia Province, China

Eversheds Sutherland's Shanghai office has created a scholarship programme to support exceptional but disadvantaged high school students from Xiji, in Ningxia Province, one of the most impoverished and undeveloped regions in China. Students have to complete a written application in English and Chinese and the shortlisted candidates are then interviewed by a member of the Shanghai office. Eight scholarship awards are made each year to assist with tuition fees and initial travel costs to college or university.