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Compliance with Tier 4 sponsor obligations and update - webinar

Who should attend

This training event is aimed at anyone who works in the education sector with a responsibility for recruiting or managing students from outside the EEA or plays a part in ensuring their institution’s compliance with the immigration rules.


Education providers who teach or wish to teach non-EEA students need to be Tier 4 sponsor licence holders. Tier 4 has been subject to a number of recent changes and although the sponsorship system may well change fundamentally from 2021, in the interim institutions need to comply with the current rules.

In this webinar we will remind you of the key requirements of the Tier 4 sponsorship system including:

• the Tier 4 sponsorship system and compliance action – the basic compliance assessment

• sponsoring students

o courses

o English language requirements

o academic progression

o work placements

• sponsor duties – record keeping and reporting

• suspension and revocation of sponsor licence

For an update on the forthcoming changes see our webinar: A new immigration system: what it will mean for your recruitment of non-British/Irish students.