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Webinar - Handling complex, reputationally sensitive and high value disputes in the world of Covid-19

Who should attend

This training course is aimed at Registrars, heads of legal and any senior officer responsible for strategic risk areas within the institution.


In this session we look at high value/reputationally sensitive disputes in the education sector. Running a university or Higher Education Institution is always a complicated business – and never more so than now. The sector is facing a time of unprecedented change.

And now the covid 19 pandemic presents unique and unchartered territory and additional challenges for anyone involved in or contemplating a dispute.

In this session we will discuss strategies for identifying disputes that have the potential to have the greatest impact on your institution, look at the toolkit for handling those disputes and share some of the pitfalls and tactics for avoiding them.

The legal, financial and reputational risks facing any institution are becoming ever more complex. Some risks can be avoided, but others will require management as they arise. And in an age of 24 hour media, disputes can spiral out of control very quickly. So having clear strategies to minimise the fallout for your institution will be critical.

We will look at insurance, examining the different considerations for you and your insurer. We will offer guidance on how best to work with your insurer to protect your interests, when dealing with the claims that you face.

And we will also highlight some of the key issues and emergency rule changes of relevance for conducting dispute resolution and litigation in the light of Covid 19