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Mandatory Required
School details:
Is your school selective?
Is your school a special school?
Is there a sponsor school?
Was the school building funded under BSF or PFI?
Where there are PFI or BSF schools:

Is there an external foundation to appoint the majority of governors?
Even if there is no external foundation has the school acquired a trust and become a 'trust school'?
Do you wish the trust to continue after the school converts to an academy?
Is the school budget in surplus or with a deficit of less than £100,000?
If yes, will Diocese agree?
Is the school hard federated with any other schools and if so which one?
Is there any intention to de-federate?
Is there a proposal that other schools will federate with the converting school?
Does the school site consist of:

Is the land to be transferred to the Academy Company?
Does the school have any jointly used facilities involving use by the public or a third party?
Are there any other legal features we need to be aware of e.g. charitable trusts supporting the work of the school?
Are there any likely challenges to the proposed application?
Are there any other schools thinking of applying to convert that would like us to provide information on our services?
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