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Trends in international further education

Compared with higher education institutions, further educations institutions tend to focus more on their home market: recruiting students and delivering their programmes mainly at home. However in a small but growing number of cases FE colleges and private providers are delivering their courses overseas, often with the support of Government initiatives. There is also some evidence that colleges are increasingly entering into partnership arrangements abroad on a commercial basis.

Another related trend is a closer engagement between UK colleges and the private sector in offering programmes overseas as part of capacity building exercises. A particular strength of colleges is their training courses for corporate clients, including multinationals, and this experience positions them well to provide similar expert services to the private sector overseas.

The combination of our sector engagement and international presence means that we can provide an unrivalled, seamless level of expertise and service to colleges, wherever their operations may take them. Many of the challenges encountered by further education institutions abroad will be similar (if not identical) to those faced by higher education institutions. Our further education clients will benefit from our full range of experiences in the HE sector.

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