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Issues facing local government

Local authorities operate in a highly pressurised political and financial environment, continually expected to achieve more for less and to manage competing priorities. They are dealing with a substantial change agenda resulting from new government legislation, social and demographic changes and the drive for community empowerment and diversity of service provision.

How we can help

Eversheds Sutherland is the leading legal adviser to the sector, with many of our lawyers having worked in-house. We understand the pressures you face; we appreciate the complexities of working as part of a big organisation and the issues you contend with when dealing with the political process and the public. Whatever challenges you are facing, we can help.

The Eversheds Sutherland local government team has over 300 lawyers with experience of working with local authorities and other public bodies on all aspects of their operations.

As the leading local government legal provider in the UK, we act for all the local government family including police, fire, national park authorities and a wide range of other public bodies. The knowledge gained from our work for the commercial sector strengthens our local government service. The team also harnesses knowledge of public law and skills to advise other public sector bodies such as NDPBs on their powers and governance frameworks, including challenge by way of judicial review.

Eversheds Sutherland delivers clear and concise legal advice in a commercial context. We look for solutions not problems. We pride ourselves in our ability to translate often very complex legal issues into ‘plain English' so that our clients can understand what the issues are all about.

We recognise that you have your own in-house legal team and we do not wish to undertake services best sorted in-house. But when it comes to specialist support or top up services or the need for an independent view, we have structured our services to support your needs. Our goal is to help your authority meet its corporate aims.

Our local government team provides briefings and information on new policy, legislation and case law development for local authorities on a bespoke basis and generally. We also run our regular programme of LA Law seminars around the country.

We have a number of experts within Eversheds Sutherland who can provide you with support on the whole range of local government issues.

Cannot find what you are looking for? Please contact Huw Rolant Jones.

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