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Commercial agreements

In today's financially constrained world the need to have commercial arrangements which both exploit the benefits of your relationships and protect against the down sides has never been more important. An effective and enforceable set of arrangements with both your suppliers and your customers is the bedrock of financial success for any business.

The challenge in today's market is to ensure that not only are your major relationships properly captured and documented, but also the smaller, less high profile ones. Ironically these can produce just as much pain and expense and can take less effort to manage. The challenge is how to do this effectively whilst keeping a control of your central costs.

Eversheds Sutherland is unique in having in its commercial contracting group a dedicated set of lawyers whose one function in life is to deliver effective contractual arrangements for their clients.

Our team of 'relationship lawyers' focus on the commercial reality that matters to ensure that your contracts deliver the value and benefits you need. Given our dedicated approach to this we can be cost effective and insightful, anticipating issues and areas that need to be addressed that your own team may not have thought of.

In addition, with our contract process review programme we can help you put in place systems that address not only the major high profile relationships but also your business as usual relationships.

Spotlight on:

Brexit -podcast

Brexit –planning for uncertainty - "What if?" has become "what now?"

This is a short podcast from our Commercial team. Following the momentous vote to Brexit.

Commercial Law InView - commerical law videos

Commercial Law InView

The work we undertake in Eversheds Sutherland Commercial group is wide ranging and so we thought it would be helpful to introduce the team on screen in our dedicated video gallery, Commercial Law InView.

Commercial contracts publications

Commercial contracts across Europe

Navigating the contractual maze - A guide to commercial contracts across Europe

Contracting across Europe can be tricky. Whilst there is some European (or at least EU) wide law, each European country has its own legal system and own body of law.

Efficiency in contract delivery - Eversheds Sutherland enhance

Efficiency in contract delivery - Eversheds enhance

In-house teams are increasing in size and their remit is expanding into many different areas of the business as well as extending their geographical scope.