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Cartels - a compliance tool for directors

Increasingly, regulators worldwide are imposing sanctions on individuals for cartel activity. Investing in a robust compliance programme is the best way of avoiding sanctions for the company and its employees.

However, to be effective, a compliance programme must be ingrained in a company's culture and values. Buy-in from senior management is key: they must understand their competition law obligations, and the personal risks they face for breaching the law. Such individuals are often under extreme time pressure and it is difficult to get the compliance message across.

The Eversheds Sutherland ‘Cartels: a compliance tool for directors' is a bite-sized tool aimed at engendering Board Level competition law compliance and helping legal counsel get the compliance message across. It is a short, hard hitting film, following the real life story of a director imprisoned for his role in a cartel.

The tool works by being:

  • Relevant and practical: providing a ‘wake-up call' to senior management who may be ignorant of, or apathetic about, the personal liability that attaches to modern senior management.
  • Effective: the training is concise and easy to understand, focusing on key issues. Educational experts helped to design it and it uses accelerated learning to tap into the user's emotions.
  • Flexible and convenient: the film, on a USB card, can be shown at board or senior management meetings delivering an attention-grabbing message to take compliance seriously. It can also be viewed on a desktop computer or mobile device, including the iPhone or Blackberry.

This compliance tool is specifically designed for senior management. We recognise the difficulties of getting the compliance message across to individuals who are pressed for time, and unlikely to favour the more standard compliance training products.

Your senior management needs to be alert to the increasing risk of personal sanctions. We have a strong track record in providing e-learning solutions to a wide variety of clients, and we have been awarded repeatedly for our innovative approach.

With this tool we can help you educate senior management and other employees. This will enable you to instil a compliance culture in your company, change behaviour and significantly reduce the risk of competition investigations in the future.

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