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Competition toolkit

The Eversheds Sutherland Competition Law Online Toolkit is an award-winning e-learning programme recognised by the Financial Times as a ‘stand-out innovation'. The Toolkit delivers effective online antitrust compliance training to directors and employees at all levels within a company.

The Toolkit consists of an interactive training course with case studies, a short test and online reporting functions. The course lasts around 45 minutes and is quick, flexible and intuitive for users. Designed in conjunction with educational psychologists, the Toolkit makes extensive use of graphics and interactive functions to optimise the learning experience. The sophisticated reporting functions give the client the ability to monitor and demonstrate compliance at the touch of a button.

All content is branded with your company's logos and is tailored to your company's particular competition risks using examples throughout that apply to your business to make it relevant to your employees' day to day conduct. The course is written in straightforward business language with no legal jargon and can be translated into any language.

The consequences of breaching competition law are severe. The Toolkit educates your workforce so that they understand how competition law applies to what they do and the consequences of breaching it both for them and the company. Your company's existing policies and procedures can be incorporated into the course ensuring consistency in your approach, demonstrating senior management support and pulling together key compliance messages and information.

The Toolkit is designed to help major multinationals from all sectors achieve a consistent and comprehensive culture of compliance across their workforce and minimise the risk of infringement. We have developed antitrust content to train employees on every continent, including North America. We have trained over 25,000 users and clients include: Cemex, Compass Group, Dairy Crest and Volkswagen.

What others say

"Compass operates in more than 50 countries across the world and has a 360,000 strong workforce. The advent of the internet and toolkits means we are able to deliver training more quickly than in the past, although Compass had not used this type of training for so many people for one project before.

Having piloted the toolkit amongst the Executive Committee and another 300 people in the senior management team across the world we are now rolling the toolkit out in nine languages to around 3,000 people."

Mark White, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Compass Group PLC

Further information

For details of this product and customisation options please contact our specialists or view the competition online toolkit e-learning page

Cartels - a compliance tool for directors

Cartels - a compliance tool for directors

Increasingly, regulators worldwide are imposing sanctions on individuals for cartel activity. Investing in a robust compliance programme is the best way of avoiding sanctions for the company and its employees.

However, to be effective, a compliance programme must be ingrained in a company's culture and values. Buy-in from senior management is key: they must understand their competition law obligations, and the personal risks they face for breaching the law. Such individuals are often under extreme time pressure and it is difficult to get the compliance message across.

The Eversheds Sutherland ‘Cartels: a compliance tool for directors' is a bite-sized tool aimed at engendering Board Level competition law compliance and helping legal counsel get the compliance message across. It is a short, hard hitting film, following the real life story of a director imprisoned for his role in a cartel.

The tool works by being:

  • Relevant and practical: providing a ‘wake-up call' to senior management who may be ignorant of, or apathetic about, the personal liability that attaches to modern senior management.
  • Effective: the training is concise and easy to understand, focusing on key issues. Educational experts helped to design it and it uses accelerated learning to tap into the user's emotions.
  • Flexible and convenient: the film, on a USB card, can be shown at board or senior management meetings delivering an attention-grabbing message to take compliance seriously. It can also be viewed on a desktop computer or mobile device, including the iPhone or Blackberry.

This compliance tool is specifically designed for senior management. We recognise the difficulties of getting the compliance message across to individuals who are pressed for time, and unlikely to favour the more standard compliance training products.

Your senior management needs to be alert to the increasing risk of personal sanctions. We have a strong track record in providing e-learning solutions to a wide variety of clients, and we have been awarded repeatedly for our innovative approach.

With this tool we can help you educate senior management and other employees. This will enable you to instil a compliance culture in your company, change behaviour and significantly reduce the risk of competition investigations in the future.



Ethics@work is an interactive online course designed to educate directors, managers and employees at all levels of your organisation on the importance of doing their jobs in a responsible and ethical manner.

Ethics@work is aimed at all organisations who care about ethical conduct. A good reputation is a key part of a company's commercial success. In a recession, the risk of unethical and potentially illegal conduct increases. A code of ethical business conduct is the first step towards managing that risk, enabling you to avoid prosecution, lengthy investigations and reputational damage. The critical challenge is how to embed ethical values within your company's culture.

Ethics@work brings to life a company's code of ethical business conduct and trains staff on important ethical and legal issues including:

  • bribery and corruption
  • fraud
  • conflict of interest
  • environmental
  • health and safety
  • employment (harassment, discrimination)

The objectives of Ethics@work is to create a deeper culture of ethical behaviour by:

  • communicating your organisation's ethics policy or code of conduct.
  • demonstrating your organisation's commitment to complying with ethics and laws against bribery, corruption and cartels.
  • raising awareness of common ethical issues applicable to your organisation's activities.
  • helping the workforce understand the importance of making considered ethical judgements, in particular, avoiding the giving or receiving of bribes.
  • revealing the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.
  • explaining your organisation's policy for reporting inappropriate behaviour.

What others say

Compass developed with Eversheds Sutherland an online ethics programme designed to embed their existing code of conduct into the business by delivering bespoke and interactive training. The training has been successfully rolled out to 3,000 officers and employees around the globe and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the business.

"At Compass we aim to uphold the highest ethical values in everything we do and recognise the importance this has for our reputation. Ethics@work has allowed us to achieve this, embedding our Code of Ethics across the business. 

Ethics@work is an effective way of ensuring our colleagues understand how to operate to the high ethical standards we expect of them".

Mark White, General Counsel, Compass Group Plc

The UK Legal 500 says that the Eversheds Competition, EU and Regulatory team is "well known for its innovative competition compliance solutions".

Further details

For further details about ethics@work, customisation options or a demonstration webinar, please contact our specialists or view the ethics@work e-learning page.

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