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Market and sector inquiries

When a market investigation or sector inquiry is announced it will place your industry under the spotlight, perhaps your company in particular, and may call into question long established business practices. The way you conduct your business may receive intense media scrutiny, your share price may be adversely affected and you may be on the receiving end of negative publicity. You may be surprised at the breadth of the authorities' questions and the powers they have to compel you to provide information.

Investigations may last up to two years and involve lengthy questionnaires and hearings. You will have to wrestle with difficult issues surrounding the transparency of the inquiry and connected issues of disclosure of commercially confidential information. You may need to undertake your own internal investigations in parallel with the inquiry, to be aware in advance of any anti competitive practices in which your company may have been involved.

Our unrivalled experience of working on investigations across a wide range of sectors means that we are better able to predict the possible outcomes accurately. We can help inform your responses accordingly, so that your views are put across in a way that will influence the thinking of the investigators and shape the outcome. Our priority is to enable you to put forward your best possible case by making sure you are prepared.

Usually it will be best for clients to undertake their own advocacy. But sometimes, there are circumstances where lawyers are needed to do this. We have excellent experience of advocacy before the Commission, the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission and can represent you or help you to represent yourself. Our aim is to ensure that if you are involved in a market investigation you are in control of the process as far as possible.  


Acting for London Scottish Bank on the UK Competition Commission Home Credit investigation.

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