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Merger control

Eversheds has a vibrant international merger control practice. Specialising in securing merger clearance with a minimum of cost and delay at EU level and across national jurisdictions, Our approach is commercial and hands-on. If there are no material issues, our role is simply to help you clear the administrative hurdles quickly and will include advice on the Enterprise Act 2002 and merger thresholds. In more difficult cases, we aim to give you an upfront assessment of the merger risks and recommend the best tactical approach.

Multijurisdictional merger control advice

The Eversheds network of offices operates on multi-jurisdictional merger cases to ensure a co-ordinated approach in different countries for clearances across Europe and beyond. For multi-jurisdictional merger filings we have developed a streamlined process to deliver a one-stop shop. Our geographic coverage gives us a unique advantage over other law firms in providing cost effective, consistent advice on multi-jurisdictional merger filings.

We also have extensive experience in giving strategic advice on potential deals - including deals between parties with significant market shares - and considering different structures and tactical approaches whether alone or with other economic or legal advisers.

Merger clearance experts

Our lawyers have been involved in significant merger filings before the EU and UK regulators. We have achieved stage one merger clearances in front of the EU on a shortened timetable, clearances before the UK Competition and Markets Authority and also successfully lobbied against a merger under EU stage two investigation.

Experienced in difficult transactions

We are experienced in steering transactions in concentrated markets through to merger clearance, including representing clients with significant market shares before national authorities and the European Commission.

We have successfully secured clearances under the EC merger regulation and national merger control legislation for a huge variety of transactions in a range of different sectors from the food industry and petrol stations to joint ventures in agribusiness, pharmaceuticals and harbour towage.

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