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Legal articles in construction and engineering

A full list of construction and engineering articles.

The Adjudication Situation: 5 years of the Construction Contracts Act22/06/2021
Practical responses to construction projects affected by COVID-19: Mitigation and Acceleration14/08/2020
The un-fettered rights of insolvent construction companies to commence adjudication proceedings: the Supreme Court rules in Bresco24/06/2020
Draft Programme for Government – Climate Highlights16/06/2020
Retention Payments in the Construction Industry22/05/2019
Clear Intentions – a health warning about letters of intent15/11/2018
Contracting out of liability for concurrent delay and the prevention principle15/11/2018
Guidance provided on the interpretation of no greater liability clauses15/11/2018
Legislation Tracker15/11/2018
The court stops attempts to avoid the consequences of an adjudicator’s decision15/11/2018
Foundations: Vinci v Beumer09/10/2018
Court provides insight on the difficulty of relying on the doctrine of frustration 19/04/2018
The distinction between a personal indemnity and a secondary guarantee19/04/2018
Defined Terms – ensure they are drafted with caution19/04/2018
Three is a crowd! The rise of third party funding in international arbitration19/04/2018
BIM – The key messages from the Winfield Rock Report19/04/2018
GDPR – is it relevant to the construction industry?19/04/2018
The prevention principle and concurrent delays05/02/2018
Cautionary tale of the unintended consequences of a lender taking an assignment ‘by way of security’ of the benefit of development documents08/08/2017
Mailbox (Birmingham) Limited v Galliford Try Building Limited (formerly known as Galliford Try Construction Limited) [2017] EWHC 1405 (TCC)21/06/2017
Top three construction cases - May 201730/05/2017
Guerrilla tactics: resulting in indemnity costs awards?23/03/2017
NEC4: evolution not revolution23/03/2017
Top three construction cases: March 201723/03/2017
Legislation update: apprenticeships in the construction industry22/03/2017
Publication - Some thoughts on succeeding in EPC contracts 20/01/2017
Publication - Some thoughts on succeeding in EPC contracts 20/01/2017
The Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 - Five Years on20/01/2017
Top three construction cases: January 201720/01/2017
EPC Contracts – minimising disputes26/09/2016