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Corporate claims, personal injury claims in the workplace - UK

Corporate claims, personal injury claims in the workplace

Every company no matter what sector they operate in has to deal with litigation arising from accidents or injuries to its staff or customers.

Claims may arise from exposure to asbestos, noise, stress or chemicals or be caused by equipment or product failure or by any number of different every day incidents such as tripping or lifting.

Every claim carries a risk of damaging your most valuable asset – your brand

With ever increasing deductibles more and more of these claims will be paid by you directly rather than your insurers. Even where there is insurance the interests of your insurer may not always align with your corporate interests.

Claims litigation can cost you more than money. It may:
  • damage your reputation with staff and customer
  • attract unwanted media attention
  • prejudice any regulatory investigation
  • open the flood gates to similar claims
  • make you a target for fraud.

How can we help you?

Our corporate claims team are experts at handling injury litigation. Working as part of your existing legal team, corporate claims share Eversheds Sutherlands understanding of your business and its priorities. They are uniquely placed to achieve outcomes from litigation which are consistent with your wider commercial interests.

The corporate claims team works with your insurers but not for them and because of that they are focused on your business needs rather than the interests of the insurer.

Often the circumstances giving rise to claims litigation present wider challenges for the business. They may include Health & Safety Executive investigation and prosecution or industrial relations issues or issues around your products or service.

Claims are brought either by your staff or customers. If the litigation is handled insensitively there is the potential to cause serious damage to your reputation and brand.

Focused on corporate claims litigation

The corporate claims team can:

  • Help you with any claims litigation you have. There is no type of claim that we have not seen or dealt with – from occupational disease claims such as stress and noise induced hearing loss to attritional claims such as slippers and trippers and manual handling, all the way through to catastrophic and unusual cases such as explosions, helicopter crashes, and offshore gas platform fires. We also deal with fatal accidents, asbestos claims, large scale fraud and everyday road traffic claims.
  • Assist you with claims wherever they arise in the world. Our clients are global and so is our capability.
  • Reduce your overall spend on claims litigation. We have a proven track record of consistently achieving a lower spend per case than our competitors. We have won awards for providing innovative solutions to achieve these outcomes.
  • Protect you from fraud. Fraud is becoming an increasing problem for all large organisations who are being targeted by professional criminal gangs. The correct approach to identify and defend fraudulent claims will save you money and protect your brand. We will be happy to share our statistics with you on this.
  • Help you fill the gaps in your insurance history. Long tail disease claims such as asbestos and noise induced hearing loss claims continue to increase. Often, they relate to exposures that occur decades earlier and quite possible for a subsidiary company which you did not own at the time. You will be directly liable for any periods where you cannot trace your insurers. We will help you fill those gaps.
  • Most importantly, ensure that your claims litigation is dealt with in the way that you want. We will protect your brand and reputation and ensure that your customers and staff are dealt with in a way that you would want them to be.

In short, we will give you control over your claims litigation.