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Restructuring and outsourcing

"People will be key to whether the project is a success. Managing the HR aspects should be an integral part of the strategy."

How we can help

From time to time employers implement changes that have a significant effect on large numbers of employees. Moves such as outsourcing and off-shoring, restructuring, downsizing and mergers are major projects. Usually, dealing with employees is only part of a much broader picture. However, it is crucial not to overlook employees, works councils and unions since much of the value of many businesses rests on having a stable, enthusiastic and skilled workforce.


The difficulties for employers when undertaking a redundancy exercise have never been greater. Consultation is critical. But how do you balance the strict consultation requirements with the business necessity to effect change swiftly? And how can you ensure your strategy for change embraces the 'survivors'? We can work with you in an international or national context to design an effective process which factors in both compliance and commercial issues.

Outsourcing and off-shoring

Outsourcing is increasingly complex and can involve outsourcing abroad, best known as off-shoring.
The challenge is significant but we understand how TUPE applies eg consultation, changes to terms, automatically unfair dismissals; how to decide who should transfer; and how you can avoid losing your strategic knowledge to your provider for example. We have the experience to guide you through the process from beginning to end.

People aspects of acquisitions, mergers and disposals

The staff will have the skills, contacts and legal position to influence the outcome of the project and the long term success of the organisation. Ensuring that staff are 'bought in' to the process is a necessity.

We work on deals of every magnitude and complexity for both sellers and buyers. We know what the key risks and issues are and focus on these to help you manage your deal to a successful outcome. We can devise your consultation/communication plan (whether UK or internationally). Our HR consultants can help you implement the plan.

We can deliver targeted due diligence (for buyer or seller), identifying issues you need to address pre or post closing, such as restructuring, a need to retain the leadership team, etc. We work with our corporate colleagues to ensure the costs/risks are apportioned approximately and will tell you if you are seeking an 'off market' solution which is unlikely to work or be acceptable.

Your deal will stay on track with our experience.

Practical help now

HR implications of a TUPE transfer


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