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Energy and sustainability

Energy and sustainability issues have become extremely topical over recent years. Organisations must comply with their legal responsibilities whilst running their businesses responsibly in a way that will encourage healthy growth. Our experienced environment lawyers have extensive experience on advising on a range of energy and sustainability matters.

As well as advising on the impact of particular legislation (e.g. the CRC in the UK, EU ETS and ESOS) we can also assist in drafting environmental policies and wider corporate communications on sustainability issues.

Emissions and climate change

A number of regulations and obligations have been and are being introduced to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. New regimes place increased burdens on companies and in many cases are based on new approaches to international climate change targets. We advise on the interpretation of scheme rules and regulations, as well as dealing with the adjustments, applications and transfers required when businesses or sites change hands, start-up or close. We can also provide support or take the lead in negotiations and discussions with the Environment Agency, DEFRA and other regulators where problems arise.

Energy assessment (e.g. ESOS)

Energy assessment schemes are designed to encourage organisations to identify energy efficiency savings. Often these schemes result from internationally agreed climate change/efficiency targets with different jurisdictions adopting similar schemes. Our environment team is at the forefront of legal developments in this area. We can advise you on the requirements in jurisdictions relevant to you and provide practical suggestions for compliance.

Energy performance of buildings

Energy efficiency in buildings is also a key part of international energy policy, which principally aims to achieve the global climate change targets. We can advise on all aspects of jurisdiction-specific legislation, provide up to date practical advice and offer training on new policy initiatives.

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