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Environmental permits

Environmental permits are required for a variety of operations across many sectors, ranging from manufacturing to oil and gas operations. Complex legislative regimes surround when and how they apply, and how they can be varied, transferred or surrendered. Dialogue with relevant regulators at all stages is essential, as well as coordination with other regulators, including planning authorities, where appropriate.

How we can help

Our environmental lawyers have extensive experience of advising on obtaining, complying with and enforcement of environmental permits across multiple jurisdictions. For example, we can:

  • advise on the environmental permitting regime in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • advise on the process for application, variation, transfer and/or surrender of permits.
  • advise on ownership and transfer of permits in the context of corporate and real estate transactions.
  • advise on challenging a decision to refuse a permit, grant subject to conditions, or grant to a competitor, including Judicial Review.
  • negotiate with regulators where enforcement is threatened with a view to avoiding formal enforcement proceedings.
  • advise on appeals against permit and licence conditions, variations or revocations and enforcement and suspension notices.
  • defend enforcement proceedings.

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