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International waste legal advice

Waste continues to pose difficulties for clients in all sectors. We regularly advise on when a substance is waste, what legal obligations relate to it, how it should be categorised and when exemptions apply. Many obligations apply at EU level however there are differences between how different EU Member States have interpreted these obligations. Our experienced, multi-jurisdictional team is able to advise on these issues.

How we can help

Our waste lawyers are at the forefront of legal developments and can advise on:

  • the definition of waste, when a substance/product is "discarded" and when substances/products are no longer treated as waste.
  • waste management obligations under the “duty of care”, permitting requirements including exemptions and site waste management plans.
  • the circular economy, waste hierarchy and the increased focus on prevention and reuse.
  • we also work with clients regarding end of life classifications and difficult waste categories such as WEEE, mercury and batteries.
  • international waste shipments and waste shipment controls.
  • appeals against permit conditions, variations or revocations and enforcement and suspension notices.
  • negotiations with regulators where enforcement is threatened with a view to avoiding formal enforcement and defending enforcement proceedings.

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