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What we do for our clients

We deliver on all aspects of major projects from inception to implementation. We deal with complex applications that involve multiple consent regimes and advise clients on the best approach to deliver the project. We steer our clients through the minefield of actual and proposed changes in the law.

Our dedicated lawyers and our Roll ‘A’ Parliamentary Agents have unrivalled experience in the strategic, procedural, tactical and legal aspects of securing authorisations for infrastructure projects including major railways, airports, nuclear, wind-farm, port, bridge and road projects throughout the UK.

We are market leaders in promoting or opposing:

  • Development consent orders
  • Transport and works orders
  • Harbour orders
  • Hybrid bills

We advise on preparing the applications for the requisite consents and throughout the lead up to and during the inquiry/hearing or Parliamentary process, including advising on environmental legislation, consultation strategies and liaison and negotiation with objectors and the procedures and day to day running of the inquiry/ hearing itself. As part of the Eversheds Sutherland s’ firmwide legal team, we are able to offer our clients a ‘one stop shop’ in dealing with every aspect of a large project, from consents to property issues, from procurement to corporate finance.

We are noted experts in:

  • securing and implementing the powers and approvals required for major infrastructure projects.
  • securing amendments to Bills and Orders and negotiating agreements.
  • researching statutory powers in private legislation and any related plans deposited in Parliament that may be relevant in advising clients on the full range of powers and permitted development rights available to them.
  • monitoring and advising on current and proposed legislation and government circulars to identify the impact the provisions may have on organisations and their interests.

Innovation in our sector

We provide Parliamentary Agency services and, as a City and international law firm, are able to offer this specialist advice with the combined benefit of our national and international network of offices and the breadth of our practice. We are fully integrated with the firm’s national planning practice. We have exceptional people who work tremendously hard to deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

The Parliamentary team includes ‘Roll A’ Parliamentary Agents who are able to promote private legislation through Parliament. Whether public or private sector you may encounter obstacles which restrict your ability to achieve your aims and objectives. Our ability to promote Private bills with special statutory powers can overcome problems which would otherwise be intractable.

You can be confident that through flexible and innovative solutions we will secure the authorisations required for your project, whatever the level of complexity.