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Industry associations

Issues faced by clients

Industry associations must keep a close eye on how proposed legislative changes and Government guidance may affect their industries. Associations will be keen to promote changes that are in their member's interests and to resist those that might damage their industry sector.

Industry associations will also be looking to pre-empt any proposals from Government which may have an impact on their members by scrutinising Members' debates and announcements made in Westminster Parliament and in the Scottish Parliament and the devolved Assemblies of Wales and Northern Ireland.

How we can help

Members of the Parliamentary team have considerable experience in assisting industry associations and other bodies and ensuring they are kept up to date on relevant legislative changes and proposals. For many years we have run a legislative reporting service tailored specifically to individual clients which provides them with a running brief on relevant matters that are the subject of debates and questions and answers in both Houses of Parliament as well as the contents of Bills placed before Parliament. In addition, we can provide specific advice to industry associations and other bodies on particular publications, such as Green Papers and Government guidance.

The Parliamentary team also acts for clients in the promotion of, and opposition to, private legislation. We have recently acted for a number of industry associations in petitioning against Bills in Parliament and have succeeded in having clauses deleted which would have had a detrimental impact on the interests of our client's members. We also promote private Bills on behalf of our clients whether as a means of changing the law to assist our client's members or as a means of highlighting the matter to Central Government so that they may be persuaded to produce a general change in the law.