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Real estate dispute resolution

Our Real Estate Dispute Resolution team has a broad international reach, comprising over 60 lawyers. We are known for handling the complexities of large-scale litigation successfully.

Disputes over real estate can have particular sensitivities, especially when the parties in dispute need to protect and manage their ongoing business relationships and reputations. Our focus is on early resolution, finding a clear path through the complexities and taking a practical and realistic view of events. We think laterally and creatively to manage the risks and develop the optimum case strategy.

We are deeply involved in the real estate market through our strong client relationships and network of industry contacts. This gives us unbeatable knowledge of the market, which we share with our clients to help inform and direct their strategy and tactics.

Our practice covers every conceivable type of property-related dispute, including:

  • Purchase issues: disputes surrounding the acquisition of commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate;
  • Development and disturbance: disputes in relation to vacation of existing tenants, analysis of restrictive covenants and easements and general due diligence in relation to commercial, residential and mixed-use schemes as well as disputes emanating from an active development site such as nuisance, breach of quiet enjoyment and derogation from grant;
  • Security of tenure: disputes surrounding contested and uncontested lease renewals;
  • Effective asset management: disputes over lease termination, rent review, dilapidations, alterations, assignments and sub-letting and the provision of services;
  • Insolvency: disputes arising out of liquidation, administration and receivership of landlords, tenants, sub-tenants and third parties, all within a property context;
  • Professional negligence: disputes against other solicitors, valuers and professional agents within a property context;
  • Property co-ownership issues: disputes between property partners, joint venture partners and issues arising out of other forms of co-ownership;
  • Disposal issues: disputes arising out of the sale of commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate.

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