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Sanctions law - UK legal advice

Sanctions law

Complying with international sanctions has become one of the most significant challenges for businesses operating across the globe. However, the consequences of getting it wrong can prove costly. Companies are at risk of substantial fines whilst individuals can face criminal penalties including prison sentences. Equally important is the potential impact on business in terms of potential damage to brand, loss of reputation, contractual penalties and logistical problems if you come under scrutiny for alleged non-compliance.

It is therefore essential that you understand your sanctions responsibilities both nationally and internationally. With a unique blend of legal and compliance professionals across our international network. Our cross-practice Sanctions law group can help you with all legal, regulatory and compliance issues centred around international sanctions. We have built solid relationships with regulators in the UK and abroad to enable effective representation wherever you need it.

International sanctions legal experience

Our Sanctions law group has more than 40 professionals located across the globe and has recent experience advising on sanctions issues arising from dealings with jurisdictions including Afghanistan, Brazil, Cuba, India, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Syria and Sudan.

We can provide practical advice on any sanctions compliance issue including:

Polices and procedures

Reviewing sanctions policies or drafting new policies to ensure evolving risks are identified and providing uniform approach across jurisdictions.


Providing advice and support throughout any investigation brought about as a result of alleged sanctions non-compliance.

Risk assessments

Considering factors such as industry, customer type, product and jurisdictions to identify the areas of highest risk within your business and dealing with mitigation strategies.


Reviewing the implementation of sanctions policies and procedures and conducting benchmarking exercises on control effectiveness.

Process review

Considering the operational effectiveness of end-to-end sanctions processes and providing advice on industry best practice and regulatory expectation.


Designing and delivering tailored sanctions training to ensure risk sensitive awareness of sanctions across a business.

Legal advisory services

Providing advice on sanctions legislation, advising on reporting obligations, drafting licence applications or negotiating disclosures on behalf of clients.


We often provide short and medium term resource from our team to provide support to our clients’ sanctions teams.

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