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Experienced lawyers, helping you do business in Iran

There are a number of unique circumstances to consider before doing business in Iran. With years of experience at the forefront of Iranian law, we can help you with every aspect of doing business in the country including:

  • policy-making in Iran is not determined by a single individual or body. It is therefore vital to have a good understanding of the constitutional and political system before embarking on a deal 
  • whilst some of the international sanctions have recently been lifted, it is vital that compliance with the remaining restrictions and the monitoring of any changes be undertaken on a constant basis 
  • corporate structuring can take several forms under Iran’s Commercial Code, the “joint stock sompany” being the most commonly used form by foreign investors. A foreign investor may also set up a branch office but this is not generally the preferred route, since branch offices are not considered separate legal entities under Iranian law and their establishment is subject to specific procedures 
  • since 2009 foreign ownership of Iranian companies is no longer limited to 49%, even outside the Iranian free zones. However, this change has not been reflected in amendments to the relevant legislative instruments and some uncertainty remains. In oil and gas upstream activities, investment remains limited to contractual arrangements but the Iranian Petroleum Ministry is currently reviewing its existing buy-back contracts and a new form of contract is expected to be made public soon 
  • securing local investment protection requires investments to meet the requirements of FIPPA and its Implementation Regulations (2002). Accordingly, an investment licence must also be obtained via OIETAI, which is responsible for implementing FIPPA 
  • international investment protection will also be important for investors. Iran has entered into a number of BITs, not all of which are available to the public and many of which include investment approval requirements 
  • sound Iranian law experience and access to the most prominent Iranian law firms will be key in any successful business venture in Iran