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AlDhabaan & Partners in association with Eversheds Sutherland offers you a legal service driven by locally based lawyers who are well placed to help you take advantage of the best potential opportunities on offer. With our award winning global connections and local team, you can rely on us for leading expertise and guidance based firmly in the heart of your sectors.

We have been operating in Riyadh since early 2001 and have embedded local knowledge of Saudi Arabia, with a proven track record of servicing local and international clients. Our highly experienced team of over 20 full time professionals, experienced of-counsels who are all permanently located in Riyadh, and many of whom are licensed both locally and internationally, offer extensive knowledge on all aspects of the laws of the Kingdom and cross-border transactions outside the Kingdom. We have an acute sense of the Saudi market and the needs of local and global organizations. We speak the languages of international business as well as local dialects. At all times our focus is on providing practical, efficient and, often, innovative legal solutions that help our clients to succeed.

Sharia compliance

Our Riyadh office has a team of full time litigators and of-counsels. Most of the litigators and of-counsels are either ex-judges, Sharia ex-faculty members or veteran Sharia court litigators. One of the of-counsels is an Excellency former member of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars (Supreme Council of Ulama). This team empowers us to be one of the very few law firms in the region with this exposure to Sharia scholars and practitioners.