Intellectual Property law, Saudi Arabia

The Intellectual Property department handles a wide array of issues relating to trademarks, copyright, patents and designs.

Registration of Intellectual Property

We have an experienced team of intellectual property lawyers that can assist in the registration of intellectual property assets in the Middle Eastern region.

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

The firm has represented and assisted clients with the enforcement of their rights in trademark and copyright infringement cases.

Various clients, including leading intellectual property associations and multinationals, have relied on the firm to manage legal awareness campaigns in the Kingdom to prevent potential intellectual property infringements.

Consulting and Advice

Our lawyers will provide consultation on intellectual property portfolio management and implementation of internal policies for the protection of intellectual property. We have also conducted internal training sessions and workshops for employees of corporate clients.

In addition, the firm has conducted and participated in a multitude of seminars for government agencies in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and many other countries in the Middle East.