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Women in Law Pledge

Women in Law Pledge

The Women in Law Pledge was launched in June 2019 by the Bar Council, CILEX and the Law Society and Lee Ranson, Co-CEO at Eversheds Sutherlands, was one of its early signatories.


Our pledge

Eversheds Sutherlands pledges to promote gender equality by:

  1. Having one named member of our senior leadership team/management committee who is accountable for gender diversity and inclusion;
  2. Setting specific gender targets at leadership level and at other levels as appropriate;
  3. Considering the differential outcomes for different groups of women at all levels of the organisation e.g. their background, identity and range of experiences;
  4. Developing an action plan to achieve gender equality in our senior management and leadership teams;
  5. Committing at senior level to tackle sex discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace;
  6. Committing to tackle workplace culture and bias that may result in differential outcomes in the workplace;
  7. Making public our pledge and publishing our targets and action plan;
  8. Ensuring specific aspects of pay, reward and recognition of the senior leadership team are linked to delivery against these gender equality targets as applicable.

Dianne Gilhooley Global Head of Employment, Labor and Pensions, and partner sponsor for Diversity and Inclusion summarised our rationale for signing the Pledge and our approach to its implementation in her recent blog:

Our vision for the future is clear – an ongoing and enduring commitment to gender equality, as part of our wider commitment to a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. The Pledge is an integral part of this as it provides a transparent approach, sharing best practice and encouraging collaboration across the sector, and with our clients, the Law Society and other professional organisations, and dedicated groups such as the General Counsel D&I Forum.

We chose not to create a separate plan for the Pledge. We already had a gender action plan which we’re continually reviewing, and we used the Pledge to make the existing plan more ambitious and focused on the Pledge’s obligations and reporting deadlines.

“The Women in Law Pledge – friend or foe” - 18 June 2020
Blog by Diane Gilhooley, Global Head of Employment, Labor and Pensions, and partner sponsor for Diversity and Inclusion.

More information will be shared shortly on our action plan to deliver the Women in Law Pledge.