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Anne Björklund, Specialist Counsel

Anne Björklund

Specialist Counsel

Attorney at Law, LL.M. (Eur)


Finnish and English

Practice areas

  • Competition, EU and Trade
  • Employee benefits
  • Employment law
  • Employment litigation and dispute resolution
  • Global contracts and policies
  • Labor law and trade union issues
  • Public procurement

Practice notes

Anne has extensive experience in handling cases related to dominant positions and horizontal restrictive practices in the service of the Finnish competition authority, in working as a national expert in the European Commission, and in representing the Finnish competition authority in legal workshops.

As an Attorney-at-Law, she has handled client companies’ cases related to competition law and issues related to public procurement, state aid and government support. She has represented client companies in several issues related to public procurement both in the Market Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, and in issues related to state aid in the Administrative Courts and the Commission of the European Union.

In addition to the above, Anne has drawn up employment and director agreements and employment and service relationship termination agreements as well as advised in the implementation of co-operation negotiations. Among her other activities, Anne has provided telephone consultation in matters relating to labour law for the member companies of Fashion Finland Est 1917 Oy (formerly Fashion Finland Oy) in 2015 to 2021.

In addition to her professional career, she has also engaged in writing professional literature on competition law. Anne also writes monthly expert articles on public procurements (Credita) for the public procurements information service section maintained by Edita Publishing Ltd (since 2013 and continuing).

Anne works at our office in Helsinki.