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Monica Peto, Parliamentary Agent

Monica Peto

Parliamentary Agent

Practice areas

  • Parliamentary
  • Real estate planning
  • Transport

Practice notes

Monica is aconsultantr in our UK Planning team. She is a Roll A Parliamentary Agent and, as such, is qualified to promote and oppose Private Bills in the Westminster Parliament. She also promotes and opposes Bills in the Scottish Parliament. 

She specialises in public and transport law, planning and compulsory purchase law, particularly for ports and railways. She acts for Railtrack, Transport for London, harbour authorities and local authorities in the promotion of private Bills, transport and works orders and harbour orders.

Monica previously spent nine years as a parliamentary draftsperson in the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel, Whitehall drafting Government legislation including Bills relating to transport, education and local government.

Monica's recent experience includes acting for;

  • Network Rail in the promotion of the Network Rail (West Coast Main Line) Orders 2003 and 2004 and continuing to act in the promotion of the WCML Upgrade Project generally 
  • Transport for London as the promoting Parliamentary Agent for the Transport for London and the Transport for London (Supplementary Toll Provisions) Bills 
  • Transport for London as the promoting agent for the Thames Gateway Bridge project 
  • PD Teesport as the promoting agent for the harbour revision and transport and works orders to authorise the Northern Gateway Container Terminal at Teesside.

Monica is the joint author of Blackstone's 'Guide to the Transport and Works Act 1992' (Blackstone Press 1993), Blackstone's 'Guide to the Environment Act 1995' (Blackstone Press 1995) and the 'Law of Harbours, Coasts and Pilotage' (Lloyds Office, London Press 1997). She drafted the first model clauses for transport and works orders prescribed by Government under the Transport and Works Act 1992. 

Monica is a recommended individual in Chambers UK Legal Directory 2008 and is described as "intelligent, competent and pleasant to deal with" and "highly skilled when it comes to detailed complex matters" with "tremendous expertise" in drafting legislation.