Eversheds Sutherland Volume Services Insolvency Team

About us

The Volume Services Insolvency Team at Eversheds Sutherland administers insolvent accounts on behalf of creditors (those to whom the debt is owed) where the consumer has entered into an Insolvency eg: Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). This means that the Volume Services Insolvency Team will deal with the Trustee or Supervisor of the insolvency to realise any funds that have been paid by the consumer into their insolvency.


If you require financial advice and you are in an active insolvency, we would suggest that you contact your Trustee or Supervisor. If you are no longer in an active insolvency there are a number of organisations that provide free advice.

A copy of our signposts for free advice can be found here

Specialist Support

We aim to provide accessible services to our clients' customers and are able to send letters in large print, braille and audio formats, if required.

Here at Eversheds Sutherland we pride ourselves on being able to provide a confidential service to our clients’ customers affected by ill health or having experienced a life changing event. Any sensitive information you provide will be treated confidentially. You can contact our Customer Support team on 0113 389 3938 and ask to speak to one of our specialists.

Lines are open Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm and Friday, 9am-4:30pm. Please see a list of organisations that provide specialist help and advice in relation to a range of individual circumstances.

Contact us

If you have a general query, would like further information or are unhappy with any aspect of the service which you have received please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team who will be happy to assist. Their contact details will have been provided to you on any correspondence you have received from us or can be contacted using the details below:

A copy of our complaints process can be found here.